In our works in all 10 countries where we live and serve, the Sisters rely on the generosity of supporters and friends so that our work may continue. You are important to us and to those we serve!

There are almost 200 Sisters who serve in Africa and Brazil. Some of our older Sisters in these countries have special medical needs. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo there is no structure for health insurance; in Rwanda, insurance doesn’t cover many serious health problems.

Our Sisters in Africa and Brazil assume the responsibility of schools and health centers, as well as parish and diocesan pastoral work with typical St. Mary enthusiasm! Works such as these demand good educational background, and so we have a number of young Sisters in Africa and Brazil presently doing university level studies. This is an enormous expense. The fruitfulness of the ministry of the Sisters, as well as the future of the Church in Africa and Brazil, depend very much on the involvement of the sisters and the people with whom they collaborate and share their lives

All of your monetary contributions will be used for the benefit of the sisters and those they serve.

There are many ways in which you may help us meet our needs. Please considering donating.



2206b21b-cff0-4f80-a708-4c416580e05eThe Sisters of St. Mary care for many orphans in Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, from infancy through their teen years. They provide for all their needs: food and shelter, education and health care, and also nurturing love.



The Sisters of St. Mary join with others to provide refugees with health care, education for adults and children, and much more.


Malnutrition is a serious problem in Africa and so the Sisters have set up several nutritional centers. These centers provide a good meal for primary students whose family cannot provide for them, hospital patients who have no family to bring them food, TB and AIDS patients who need good nutrition along with their medication, and anyone who comes in need of food. These centers save lives.

  • $30 would help feed one person for a month


Access to health care is limited because people must often walk miles to a clinic or else lack the funds to pay for care. In addition to routine medical needs, MALARIA, AIDS, and TB continue to threaten many lives daily. The Sisters of St. Mary provide medicine, nutrition, and excellent care to all who come to them in need; we see a large number of patients a day in our outpatient/inpatient clinics. Of particular concern is helping women with prenatal care, successful births, and the follow-up care their infants need. Health care ministry also cares for those who are grievously ill with AIDS and other diseases.


Presently there are more than 3000 students in the care of the Sisters of St. Mary in elementary and secondary schools in Congo (DRC), Cameroon and Rwanda. Literacy education and professional preparation have always been among our priorities since education is the key to a better future. In addition to teaching, we also try to subsidize the tuition of those whose families are in need, and to add something to the greatly deficient government teacher salaries.

  • $50 provides a year’s tuition in primary school
  • $170 provides a year’s tuition in secondary school



Many young women in African countries are becoming Sisters of St. Mary. We need to provide them with the religious formation and professional training that will help them to continue the work among those in need in Africa. Such professional education is costly but essential.

  • $200 will provide a year’s tuition at a Teacher Training School
  • $1500-$2000 provides a year’s higher education


In Brazil, Project Tabitha invites pre-teen girls who would otherwise be left uneducated and with a bleak future, to learn life skills, learn about their religion and thus build a better future for themselves. The Sisters have begun small literacy schools to teach children who have not yet been able to begin school, the necessary skills to enter primary school at their age level.