In the Incarnation,
God offers us all,
and then enables us
to return everything to God.


With Mary,
we offer ourselves
totally and confidently
to God incarnate in our world.

We ask for the grace
of simplicity of heart
and a contemplative regard
which reveals the profound unity
of all that exists.


The certainty of God’s love
for each of us
and for all creation
is the source of our joy.


In community we share a love
always ready to forgive,
ever mindful of our need
for ongoing conversion,
trusting in the power
of the Holy Spirit
to transform our hearts.


Our love for one another
enables our communities
to be open to others,
places of true hospitality.

We desire that simplicity
mark all aspects of our life.
Community and solitude,
action and contemplation,
are held in creative tension.


In the midst of difficult times,
with the road ahead unclear,
we are called


to announce and be a sign,
in collaboration with others,
of the Good News of the Kingdom
of justice, love and peace.


Because we desire
to make Jesus known,
we reach out to all
peoples, nations and cultures.

Just as our first sisters had
a preference for the disadvantaged,
we, too, give priority
to service among the poor,
with a particular commitment
to women and young people.


Our eyes fixed on Jesus,
with the certain hope
of God’s saving love,
we seek to discern the will of God
in the light of the Holy Spirit.


United with the joys and sorrows
of the human family,
we offer all to God in thanksgiving,
intercession and adoration,
through the rhythm
of the Church’s prayer and
attentiveness to the Word of God.


We come to the Eucharist,
entrusting ourselves and our world
to the transforming power of the Spirit
that we may become more fully,
with others and for others,
the Body of Christ,
to the glory of God.