We, Sisters of St. Mary, are an international congregation of apostolic women religious consecrated by vows in the Church.

We are together to live our faith in Jesus Christ and to transmit it, making our own the words of Scripture which express the spirit of Dom Minsart, Mother Claire and our first sisters: “In the simplicity of my heart, full of joy, I have offered all to God.”
(1 Chronicles 29, 17)

ssmn-sealWe aspire to be women of deep and transforming contemplation, seeing with new eyes the Word reflected in the world in which we are immersed. We hope to be a meaningful presence to others, touching and being touched by the God of life who calls us to mission. We pray to be a new parable for the 21 st century, one of renewed simplicity, creativity, and communion. (From our 2013 Document “Put Out into the Deep”)


  • Our charism, our spirit of simplicity and joy
  • Daily praying of the prayer of the Church: the Office
  • The Eucharist
  • The Word of God, prayed and shared
  • Personal prayer
  • Special community prayer celebrations
  • Retreat time

If you are interested, read our Spiritual Identity Statement.