img_3569We cherish our internationality. We desire to be one body. Our communion with one another impels us to mission for the world. We are called to be a word of hope to the underprivileged of the world. We are together to live our faith in Jesus and to proclaim it. The first mission of the Sisters of St. Mary is that the poor have the Gospel preached to them.

4-girls-77We have heard the call
to rejoice in the openness and understanding among sisters
so diverse and yet united,
to be builders of the Kingdom in a new way,
to go where others do not go.

2-listenWe have heard the call
to let go of my preference in favor
of the greater good of the community
to open the doors of our hearts and our homes,
to build bridges in a world of alienation and violence,
to listen attentively – in prayer, in community, in ministry.

eucharistWe have heard the call
to live the Eucharist in our daily lives,
to build on our weaknesses, in mutual understanding and forgiveness,
to savor the Spirit who blows where she will – to dare to be windswept
to believe in the active presence of the Holy Spirit who transforms hearts and stirs up new energies.

flowersWe have heard the call
to welcome the life which springs from the death and resurrection
of Jesus, an invincible love which is stronger than
human sin and perversity,
to recover and deepen contemplative prayer,
to be the Christian of tomorrow: the mystic of God’s presence,
to dare change and conversion.

5-heard2We have heard the call
to choose a future for the Sisters of St. Mary,
to embark upon small beginnings for the mission,
to put our five loaves and two fish in the hands of God,
to respond to the pressing invitation to risk life.

We have heard the call
to bring the good news of the gospel to young people,
to walk with them into a new future where Jesus calls us together

We have heard the call860fbeef-5a55-4938-be70-c0ce8e0baa16
to see the world and our society with the heart and the eyes
of a woman who is poor.

And so, Sisters of St. Mary have gone forth across the world to

  • Belgium (founded 1819)
  • Eastern Province of the US (founded 1863)
  • Western Province of the US (founded 1885)
  • Canada (founded 1886)
  • United Kingdom (founded 1896)
  • Congo (DRC) (founded 1923)
  • Rwanda (founded 1959)
  • Cameroon (founded 1968)
  • Brazil (founded 1976)
  • Dominican Republic (founded 1986)
  • Tanzania (founded 2007)

The Sisters are engaged in many diverse ministries:

  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Children’s Faith Formation
  • Parish Work
  • Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling
  • Teaching in elementary school, high school and university
  • Work with refugees
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Music and the Arts
  • Campus Ministry
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Visiting the sick and the homebound
  • Services to victims of Human Trafficking
  • Promoting the dignity of women
  • Health Centers and Clinics

belgium-2012-148Our co-foundress, Mother Claire, once wrote to the sisters:  “Be generous in your service of the Lord, be faithful to god’s inspiration and grace in your life and you will always be happy and content.”

 This is what the sisters try to do!