There are many ways of PARTICIPATING in the life of the Sisters of St. Mary. 
One of them is to Become a Sister


Do you ever wonder WHO could become a Sister of St. Mary? It could be YOU:

..a single woman: a young adult, a woman in her 30’s, 40’s or 50’s who

  • is free of other commitments
  • has finished her undergraduate studies
  • desires to give her life to God and to others
  • feels God calling to her heart

Some women who have become sisters have had the experience of a serious relationship before becoming sisters. It is really important for a woman to have had some experience in relationships in order to know who she is and what she has to offer to God and others.

You need to have enough experience in order to have a good sense of who you are before God and others. The call to vowed religious life is a call to love.

You may have a job or a career and yet feel something is missing. There’s a longing for something more within you.

4-fete-42The sisters’ commitment to God is a forever commitment, day by day. In order to help us to live this commitment and make it a big part of our lives, we make three vows to God: poverty, chastity and obedience.

  • The vow of poverty is a way of being free to let go of possessions that control you, taking hold of you; a way to cultivate a kind of freedom and simplicity in today’s consumer world.
  • The vow of obedience allows you to learn to listen more deeply to God and to others and to find God’s will together.
  • The vow of chastity is a way of channeling all the love you feel towards God and others, but not through exclusive relationships.

The call of God is always such a mysterious call. It can’t really be explained because it’s heard with the heart and answered with the heart. Is God calling you? Could God be calling you to serve God and the world as a Sister of St. Mary?