associates-adventAssociates are Christian women and men who are called by God to be a part of the lives of the Sisters of St. Mary. They live their own vocations in relationship to the sisters’ spirit of simplicity, joy and service which become part of their own lives. The Associates and the Sisters, together, share

  • a desire for God, nourished by moments of daily prayer
  • a desire to live their faith in Jesus Christ more deeply and find ways to do this together
  • a love and deep concern for God’s people, especially the marginalized and oppressed
  • a desire to be part of one another’s lives in any way made possible

This is how a person becomes an Associate:

  • You receive an invitation or express a desire to learn more about how to become an associate
  • You experience a time of discernment with the Sisters and the Associates. This is a period of time when you learn more about the Sisters and their charism. You share your story and hear the stories of others.
  • When you and the community have discerned about your request, you may ask to become an Associate and to make a commitment. This commitment is made for a year at a time.